Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Day 11: Crown-wearing Men and A Drunk

We stocked up on grub at the grocery store since we were returning the rental car later in the afternoon. We went to Castara to our favorite beach one last time for some quality beach and sun time. Remember this is the a pretty low populated beach. At one point, a guy wearing a crown and gown/dress and many gold chains approached me and offered a back massage. This was horrifyingly awkward of course. I gave a very confused 'no' and he started talking some crazy talk.
On our way back to Crown Point, we stopped to check email. The ol' internet web wasn't working so while we were waiting around, we checked out the T&T newspaper. Under the world section we saw a photo of Eureka Natural Foods (our store of choice) with everything off the shelves. Why? Ah because there had been a 6.5 earthquake. So, that was pretty startling news and I quickly began to freak out wondering if our apartment was destroyed and if Hayduke the cat was okay at the cat resort.
We took naps after this and later went to get a beer at a nice little bar. (This is a lovely story). There were many people eating but only one guy at the bar. I recognized this guy from a few nights ago, when we were walking back to the apt. He was staggering drunk in the sidewalk trying to hitch a ride.

So, anyway, said drunkard was at the bar. We ensued in a bit of conversation. He claimed to live here 6 months out of the year, the rest of the time in England. He asked where we were from, we told him CA. (It was soon clear he hated all Americans). Not to delve into too many details, but he started feeding outright nonsensical lies about crap. Some issues like mosquitos, dengue fever, wetlands, and birds came up. Things got ugly. Something I said made him leave (hm, perhaps my sharp tongue) and the bartenders rejoiced. Apparently he has caused a few problems previously and the owner pretty much hates him, so he was happy I was rather blunt to the guy. So, we ended up having a couple more beers than we would have and chatted with the extremely nice people who worked there.


MyMaracas said...

You do meet the most interesting creatures - human and otherwise. I'm sure both the crowned man and the drunk were scary in person, but from the safety of my computer screen here they're awfully funny.

Della said...

I think you did a good job there.

Mumsy said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Ann said...

Beautiful beach. I hope it is not affected by the tsunami.