Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Day 8: Part II

(Southern Lapwing)

After the badass encounter with the boa constrictors, we planned on going for a hike in the forest reserve. Here's the bummer: We got to the trails that we knew about and there were two guides waiting there. They told us we weren't allowed to go on the trails without a guide. What?! We were not about to pay 53 dollars to go for an hour walk. I'm pretty sure Zac knew more than they did anyway. So that was mildly annoying because we really were craving a good hike. Oh well.

We stopped at a few different spots while we were driving. I got better pictures of the Lapwings and we checked out some awesome views of the jungle and ocean.
While I was taking a picture of the Spotted Sandpiper above ( I forget the name of the beach where we were), a certified Crazy Half-Naked Man started yelling disturbing stuff in our direction. I really wanted to get some flight shots of the frigates, terns, and pelicans, but after a few minutes, I got spooked enough by said Crazy Almost Nude Man and we booked it on outta there!

The change of plans took us back to Castara. We had seen a little trail there our first time through the town (by 'town' I mean...a few dwelling spots). Zac was a little hesitant to go on this trail but I insisted. He ended up being verrrrry happy about that decision because this is where we saw the Magnolia Warbler. This is the 3rd country record for Trinidad and Tobago! So, well, this was pretty awesome. The last sighting was 45 years ago. Got a record shot of the little sir.
After that high, we kept going on the trail. It crossed a pretty good sized creek a few times and eventually came to a little waterfall. A really pretty little spot.
It was getting later and we were hungry (as usual)so we headed back to Crown Point. Gorged ourselves on baba ganoush again (hot damn I love that stuff), played some yahtzee and slumbered deeply.


Beverley Baird said...

What gorgeous photos! Never been there but you make me want to go!
Thanks for stopping by!
Take care.

Carolyn Ford said...

What a day you had! I am amazed that you not only see these beautiful birds but, they cooperate and settle someplace where you get get a good shot of them! What beautiful creatures they are...I thought the last photo would be of the "almost" naked dude...darn!

eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a wonderfal day seeing all the great bird. Awesome photos.

NatureFootstep said...

so...the tour turned out fine despite some troublesome persons here and there. Some people can really be badasses.

But, sa always, you got some great images. :)

Pam said...

I took a tour of you blog and all your photos are gorgeous. You have a wonderful eye for photography.
I enjoyed looking over your shoulder, thanks for the journeys.

Michael said...

As ever many great finds. Thanks for sharing.

Hood Photo Blog said...

A gorgeous series of pictures. I love all the birds, and that last waterfall picture is so peaceful!

Pialotta said...

Oh, how I love all your bird and nature photography. You have a wonderful blog with so many beautiful photos :-)
Greetings from Sweden / Pialotta

ramblingwoods said...

Don't we all want to run into a crazy nude man on our vacations? @:D I know I do... great photos and I can see why with that camera... Michelle

Ms. Bake-it said...

What fabulous photos! Looks like you get to go to some pretty interesting places. I viewed some of your other posts and the shots you take are amazing.

Thank you for sharing them with us!

~ Tracy

JRandSue said...

Outstanding photography,great Birds.
Well captured.

Sylvia K said...

Hey, now this is a vacation! Beautiful place, gorgeous birds and "almost naked dudes"! That's my idea of the perfect trip -- although I was kind of hoping for a shot of that guy!! Love the waterfall! Hope you have a terrific week!


Stine in Ontario said...

Nothing better than a day of photography that includes a delicious meal, a quite (yeah, right!) game of Yahtze and a fabulous night's sleep. :)

Anonymous said...

How weird to have to pay to walk on a trail with forced company. It sounds like an environmental mafia scheme. :) That's the time to make one's on trail and path through the jungle.

Looks like an awesome trip though.

Love the photos of the birds.

Randi said...

Congratulations to the record shot! Sounds like a very exiting day! The photos are amazing!

Guy D said...

Stunning images Jill, I am in awe.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Debbie said...

What outstanding photo's!

HANNIBAL said...

Half-naked crazy guy? You kill me! Makes for great stories! Thanx HNCG! I'm putting T&T on my list! (But not because of HNCG... the amazing creatures seen here)