Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Day 10: Part I

Ah! But yes, more boas! We saw this guy at a place called Grafton Reserve. It was one of the few places on Tobago that had trails (many unmaintained). We both loved this place. It was only about 15 minutes from where we were staying and there were quite a few trails and a ton of birds. ..and this swell fellow. He was sunning himself about eye level on a branch. He was a bit more wary than the other two boas from the few days before, but still really calm for a snake. He was also smaller, maybe 6 feet and skinnier?

We actually went back the next day to the same spot and he was there again. These pictures are just from this day though...I have more from the second sighting!

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ramblingwoods said...

And this would be where my husband would turn and run away screaming. I told him I will handle all snakes that come into the house..not likely in western NY... beautiful snake.. Michelle