Friday, April 9, 2010

This and That

Well hmmm. Zac is checking out the PhD program in Mississippi right now and says there's an 8 out of 10 chance we'll be moving that way. The program seems really great and I could be employed with field biology stuff for up to half the year, so those things alone are good to know. The other plus is that the cost of living is sooooo much cheaper than CA, so we'd likely be able to rent a house and perhaps have a tiny yard (YES!!!).
Other good things would be that we'd only be 5 + hours from Nashville (my parents and Garfunkel) and the weather is much better than here. Ahem, ivory-billed...cheaper tickets to central and South America...I think there's some good backpacking within a few hours drive and there's a nice NWR right outside of the town. Different birds, lots more warblers. We like that. And gators! Yeehaw! It's a small, rural town. Given the fact that I despise cities, this is a good thing. It's a rural, southern town with not a whole lot happening around it. My ideal town is 5,000. This is roughly 23,000 and that's including the college. So basically, everyone lives on campus making the actual town itty bitty. That's sweet.

Bad stuff: Mississippi is the fattest state. It has the worst healthcare. It has the worst education, therefore, the dumbest state. Lowest income. Luckily, Starkville (god, what a crappy name for a town, really??) is a college town so it's probably a bit more progressive than other places in MS. But, we'd be going from basically the most liberal, greenest city/county in the US to um...the drastic opposite. I think we can handle it though. My 5 minute access to vegan baked goods however would be pulled out from under me...that'll be difficult. It would be flat. Real flat. There's no beach. We're so damn spoiled here, but at the same time, we both handle change relatively well so it's kind of exciting.

Anyway. That's that. We'll see what happens. Moving cross country 2 times in less than a year with a 16 foot truck though is kinda painful. But then again, after the gig in Tahoe for the summer, I'd be able to take a leisurely, sweet roadtrip in the civic (man I hope that poor thing can handle it again) to MS.

So that's that. Moving on...the chickadee - there's a chance he might have been nesting behind the sign, but it was still a bit goofy to see him on the 'dead end' sign, ya know? (wish i hadn't cut his wing off at the top)

The chickadee and the white-crowned sparrow are from Cooper's Gulch, just a couple blocks from our apartment. Still no huge influx of migrants??! Weird. (however, there is a huge influx of usual).
The pictures below are from the community forest the other day. GREEN, just the way I like it
(Foxtail and skunk cabbage below)
We took the kayaks out to Big Lagoon two days ago. It was really sunny out and seemed kind of warmish. We were terribly mistaken. We got to the lagoon and there were whitecaps breaking, it was crazy windy (it's been SO windy lately, yesterday the wind was 30+ mph all day long, COME ON!). So, our paddling excursion was a little more lame than we would have liked. I have a spray skirt but Zac doesn't. I played out in the water a little longer but eventually lost feeling in my hands (really need to find some good waterproof gloves) and had to head back. It was fun though...much better when the water is a little more rough, though in the picture it looks all nice and calm...LIES! )
And lastly, my sweet horse friends from Heart of the Redwoods Horse Rescue. Sophia, Angel, and Olive. Aren't they adorable? Yes, they are. They are up for adoption and I love 'em all.


SandyCarlson said...

These are amazing photos.

Vernz said...

I love the second photo... lovely creature ...

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Dan said...

Wow, sounds like 'all change' for you guys pretty soon!
Beautiful photos, I love the lush forest and the horses are wonderful!

Carolyn Ford said...

These are all so fun to see! That second photo of the bird is gorgeous with its wings outstretched! Wow! The forest, the kayak, the! Nice!

Rebecca said...

Every time I visit your blog there just are not enough superlatives for what I see. Your photos are to die for!

diane said...

Loved your blog. Sounds like you enjoy moving so all the best for the trip. You like animals check out Cindy's blog:

Spiderdama said...

Wow, so many great photos! Really wonderful:-)

Stephanie V said...

That chickadee wing is amazingly gorgeous...nice capture.

The possible move sounds like a 180 for sure. Good luck with the decisions.

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Awww, the birdies look cute and I can't say often enough how much I miss the lush green already.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all goes well and the move (if it happens) will be a smooth one.

Another half year and we will most likely be Globe hopping too *sigh* :)

NatureFootstep said...

so, your not a city lover either. I usually avoid them if I can. I would probably miss the ocean.