Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Canyonlands (Day 12)

Stocked up on food...and socks, since I wore mine all out...on the way to Moab. I have a serious issue with socks, mainly because I don't wear wool and non-wool socks are hard to come by. Anyway, socks and food. Then to Canyonlands, one of my favorite national parks!
Got there in the late afternoon and grabbed a campsite. Got a backcountry permit for a two day trip. On our way out, a ranger asked if we were told about the trail conditions. Nope, we weren't. Apparently, there was a pretty significant flash flood a couple weeks before we got there, and no one had been to the backcountry campsite we were going to. No one was really sure if the trail was even actually there anymore. Might have gotten washed out. Huh, intriguing. We were also supposed to keep an eye for quicksand.
With that in mind, we headed back to the campsite. Lots of Pinyon Jays hanging around. Nice! Excellent night sky and even better sunrise! (the thing above is one of my tent stakes that faced a brutal end. It did contort into a "J" form which was fitting. Below - lotsa tracks in the sand)


LV said...

That is a very interesting and desolate looking area. You probably need some very good comfortable shoes as well as socks.

Pie said...

Beautiful scenery. Have a great day.

My Blue Monday.

Terry said...

Wow this looks like an awesome place to visit with a camera in hand !
Thank you for sharing with us today .
Have a fabulous week.
Until next time
Happy Trails

Kits Chow said...

Magnificent scenery! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think the little tracks in the sand are so cool - the little feet going a million miles and hour to get 3 feet.

@nemonen said...

Lovely blur heaven and the tracks in the sand....I love it!

Arija said...

Just lovely, I'm a sucker for desert country too.
How did you find the trail, was it still there???

My darling daughter brought back a pack of lovely thick cotton socks from Tasmania, apparently they make them there and they are perfect in hiking boots.

chubskulit said...

Beautiful shots.

Nostalgic Marveling, happy Blue Monday!

Gaelyn said...

I haven't been to canyon lands in Way too long. Sand tracks are always fun to speculate about. Wondering about the possibly washed out trail/campsite.