Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Oh. Hey there. I did my first race-run-thing (an 8K) on Thanksgiving morning. Whoa! I have Susan to thank for this, I'm glad she convinced to give it a go! Given the fact that I more or less collapse in fear and horror when surrounded by more than 5 people at a time, I held my own pretty well and somewhat sanely around...good god, more than 8,000 people. That's an excessive amount of humans in one place. Gross. Alas, I didn't get trampled. So that's cool.
I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. I still don't love running and I'm not so great at it, but I am just a little bit competitive (with others and myself) so it was a good motivator. I get on running kicks a few times a year but I usually drop it after a few weeks because I get bored with it.
But, I've been going pretty strong for more than 2 months now. Part of the reason is that I kinda flipped out about turning 30 and decided since I wasn't hiking 10 miles every day, I should run instead. Also a good stress reliever, obviously. I dunno how long I'll keep it up...but I've done about 75 miles this month.
I did manage to take 4 whole minutes of off my 5 miles in one week though, so that was some pretty good improvement I thought. I did it in 42 minutes today. Not terribly impressive but hey, I'll take it.
Anyway. That's that. Not my usual blog posting so here's a couple titmice and the springhouse. (and a picture of me and Zac since Susan actually took this and not a self timer, ha!)


Arija said...

I'm with you with the horror of crowds, I tend to home in on other people's stress and/problems.

Most impressive, your running effort and lovely pics of you and Zac and the titmice!

Tammie Lee said...

lovely to see you, Susan and Zac. Yea congrats on your run. Ah to be thirty, a lovely young age.

I love titmice and miss them. They don't seem to come here.

Out on the prairie said...

Age only allows us to have seen more of the world.I always wanted to run with the front runners in a big race and found I needed to pace myself different.

jason said...

I'm so glad the run turned out to be more enjoyable than you expected. It's usual that once you start biking, running, exercising or whatever, you feel better and you enjoy it, but it's getting over the starting hurdle that's most difficult. Good for you!

Oh, and that last photo is classic! Love the titmouse with the seed. Nice shot.

Gaelyn said...

I can't handle the crowds either and I'd rather walk than run. But whatever works. Love the titmouse.

Turning 30 is no Big deal, really. You're only getting better.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Ah yes, turning 30, I remember it well. As a birthday gift to myself I started jogging (it was the big craze back in the late 70's) to get into shape, which turned into running races. The best thing I ever did until injuries sidelined me. Now 30 years later I'm on the comeback trail(no racing). Now I live near hiking opportunities but 10 miles a day I don't think these old bones could handle that. Five miles is about it.