Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Banging on the walls of your intoxicated mind

Here I am. I'm here. What's going on around these parts, huh? Fledgies! The Golden-cheeked Warbler babelets are all out and about now which makes field stuff pretty happy, because who doesn't like begging balls of fluff? Exactly. Dammit they're cute. I found a Black-capped Vireo (finally) at our Austin site a few days ago. This is exciting because last year there was only one detection and this guy I found is the only one thus far.  I miss having them around in abundance, those guys are feisty and fun.    
Birdnerdwise, not much else too crazy at the field sites other than a Prairie Warbler this week. Not many of them around so that was cool. 

I miss being able to mountain bike all the time. Poor Hans Henry (said mt. bike) feels so left out these days, it's a bummer. Same with my road bike (Big Tex), no way in hell I'm taking him out on Austin roads. On other notes, my stress level has been raised an unhealthy amount in the last 24 hours. After almost 7 months of intense back pain (it's only at night, I guess that's a good thing? So my usual hyperactivity throughout the day doesn't take a hit at least.) I finally went to the doctor yesterday and I'm supposed to go to physical therapy and if that doesn't help after a few weeks, I need an MRI. That's almost hilarious because there's no possible way I can afford these things since my shitass health insurance (that's right BlueCross, go screw yourself) doesn't cover any of it. So it's all downhill from here, basically. I'm pretty down and out about this whole thing honestly. I don't handle stress well so I'm mildly concerned about things. I got some stuff to hopefully actually sleep more than 4 hours a night, but I would have preferred a morphine drip. !*$$!#


Seagull Steve said...

That's so bizarre that the pain only takes affect at night. Totally weird. How did they explain that?

Those last flowers look like pastries. I need to get my macro on.

Gaelyn said...

Just had a MRI on my left shoulder and also have BCBS which wouldn't cover it. Check out this site for getting the best price. I paid less than half.

Glad your seeing some birds. As always, your images are marvelous.

Good luck with the back.

Barb said...

I think the PT might do the trick if the person is good. Look at the flowers and birds and tell yourself you won't need an MRI. No use worrying too far in advance! Good Luck.

Janie said...

The flower photos are beautiful.
Sorry about your back pain. Hope the PT works so you don't have to do expensive tests.

Elizabeth said...

I hope your back improves soon. Chronic pain is so draining.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I had back pain long ago. Bought a pair of inversion boots and hung upside down like a bat. It helped. Just be sure you have someone you can count on nearby to help you back up and out.