Monday, May 7, 2012

Sometimes I interact with people

You probably wouldn't realize that but it's true. Also, I got to see Delta Spirit two times- TWO TIMES!- in two months. Which was really overstimulating the first time because I was within spitting/grabbing distance. How juvenile of me. I think this is old news. But here's some pictures from that (inside people shots are not my forte). Yes, there are other people in the band besides Matt Vasquez, the lead singer.  (Me, Lauren, and Taniya at good old Jack Allen's above)
As I probably already said, lots of pavement in Austin (oh, ya think?) but it's fun to play in town and point and laugh at hipsters occasionally when I have like 5 bucks to spare, which doesn't happen much these days.  I have only splurged on vegan eats like 3 times because this place sucks your (seasonal field biologist with currently insane medical bills) wallet so dry. Yeeouch.
(Look guys, look! Something so exciting is over there! And over there too! Brandon, Johnny Nutcase and Taniya become thrilled by the outdoor world) Our crew is still better than your crew and I'm so thankful for that because it really blows when you have to live and work with assholes. Not the case this year, huge relief. As you can see, we get along swimmingly.  As you can also see..there is a fake rhino and a wooden cutout of Peter Rabbit. These are at one of our field sites. Confusing, isn't it? Oh yes, it is.  (Below: I really really love feeding flowers to plastic rhinos; the other photo speaks for itself)
At the basketball court here (we live in an actual apartment with a gym and a court - that's insane) there was a nesting Barn Swallow just outside the door that got herself stuck so we made it a group effort and came in like crazy gang of bird nerds and set up the mist net. (exhibit A below).  Took an hour-ish but we managed to get her out of there safely. Nice. Nicely done, my friends. That's all I've got for now. My back is still f--ked up and it's kind of bringing my down big time. There's a high possibility of me snapping in some way, so for whomever is around for that, I apologize in advance. 


Larry said...

Hey Jill. Fun to get an insight into your world. Sorry to hear about your back. Take care of it! It's the only back you have. Nice work with the Barn Swallow!

Janie said...

I'm glad you're having some fun and enjoying your crew!

Arija said...

I am so sorry to hear about your bad back and sincerely hope it is soon mended. Apart from that it looks like you are having a mashing time with your compatible team members.

Holding god thoughts for your speedy healing . . . Ārija

Arija said...

Jill, while commenting on your above post, your back problem was obviously turning over in my mind. The back is emotionally related to feeling unsupported in some way, emotionally, physically or money wise and could easily be based on the present lack of bucks.

Just keep telling yourself that you are totally supported by the universe and both situations can rapidly
change once your body accepts that belief.
I know it sounds silly but a simple mantra like 'I am totally supported by the universe' repeated in groups of three anytime you look in the mirror or see the wonders around you. We all have the gift of 'thinking' our selves well if we just apply ourselves a little.
If you think I am a total nutcase, that's OK. I just don't like the thought of you being in pain.