Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby Birds and Cave Arms

 Why hello there friends, hello. Not to be one of those talk-about-the-weather-all-the-time types, but crapballs! May 2nd and I was decked out in long underwear, gloves and hat again today. So confusing.(Above: Black-and-white Warbler with a caterpillar), below: Painted Bunting hunkering down in some thistle)
Black-capped nestlings-they've hatched. Golden-cheeked Warblers have fledgies. This season is going way too fast. WAY TOO FAST! Everyone just needs to calm it on down!
(Above: Orange-crowned Warlber. Below: Bewick's Wren with a caterpillar)   How do you feel about black widows? I have found three fatty females living in my safe zone (two were in the tarp covering my road bike, one under a cactus I have potted outside). Excuse me, ladies, but uh, not a good place to be. Oh yes, I also found of their beautiful egg sacs. I relocated all of them, plus their sac-o'-babies,  but have been having a hoard of spider dreams/nightmares. One involved me frantically going through hundreds of black-capped vireo nests, making sure they were free of black widows.
Speaking of dreams, here's a good one. What does it mean when I have a dream that my right arm is actually a small cave that is housing miniature lizards? The baby lizards use a cliff bar wrapper as a blanket and ride on their mom's heads. IN MY CAVE ARM. They talk to me and tell me they prefer the cliff bar wrappers to the Lara bar wrappers. My cave arm is not gross, by the way, it's just a cool arm that is really a tiny cave full of reptiles.  This is so weird.


Seagull Steve said...

Someone should make a painting out of your cave arm dream. It would be so funny looking.

ladyfi said...

What lovely shots of the birds! They really are adorable.

Arija said...

You said it girl! That cave arm is really weird but kind of cool too. Who knows, maybe you were having a past life regression.
Love the painted bunting. I like to have a huntsman in each room but I draw the line at black widows.

KaHolly said...

Am so envious of your opportunities! Sweet pictures, but those dreams! Whew! Just glad it's not me!

biobabbler said...

I am impressed. That is super imaginative. However, doesn't everyone know re: cliff bar blankies v. lara bar blankies?

AMAZING birds, jeepers. Nice work!

Agreed re: slow the heck down, people. I saw my first "farewell to spring" flower yesterday (Clarkia spp.) and was horrified. Called husband for counseling. He assured me that these flowers bloom for 3 weeks, so IT'S NOT SUMMER YET!! phew.

Janie said...

Ha, that's a great dream! It belongs in a Stephen King novel, I think. The bird pics are great!