Monday, July 8, 2013

They're leaving me for Mexico

Ah no! The field season is winding down, which is always pretty bittersweet. Only a few more weeks. The birds are bookin' it out of town. Yup yup. Oh hey! I set up a tent at Leakey's July 4th shebang this weekend. It was great! Thanks to every one who stopped by! I'll be at the Fredericksburg Trade days the weekend of the 20th this month too. Okay, internet time is up. (nevermind the sea star falling behind me...)


Rambling Woods said...

I hope you did we'll... Your photos are amazing... Michelle

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Good to see that you are still standing, even with all of the birds taking off. Oh I know the feel of showing and selling one's work well. I enjoyed meeting the people...enjoy~

Arija said...

Hope you sold out and could rest on your laurels. Is this the way you earn your living or augment it?