Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They Run and Hide Their Heads

The rain came. Which is great, since it never rains in Central/East Texas anymore. It could have been timed a little differently however, but hot damn! Our yard turned into a lake and sucked my kayak into the horse pasture and then I sunk a foot in the mud trying to save a turtle from getting crushed by said horses. Ahh, overgrazing! Really great for everyone!
But these crazy downpours brought out some real nice little flower friends. They stayed only briefly, but still, it was nice to have them around for a minute (day). The Texas Reds festival was a good time, but the rain was less than ideal. It stormed about half of the time which isn't necessarily conducive to hanging up photos outside, know what I mean? No casualties though! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi and supported me, you guys are great!
Top to bottom: widow's tears, some sort of rain lily, and...well, I couldn't tell you what the last one is. 


Arija said...

Whatever they are they are so pretty, maybe even more so because they are so transient.

Janie said...

We've had more rain than usual here, too. Sorry the timing was bad for your festival. The flower photos are lovely.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

You need to be careful, it is a wild ride out there;( These flowers are all gorgeous Jill~