Monday, October 7, 2013

ToadFrogs! FrogToads!

Toads! Frogs! They're everywhere! And this makes me happy. We finally started getting some of that rain stuff that people talk about. This has brought out a pretty hefty gathering of amphibians around the house. 11 pm seems to be their preferred time so I wander around at night on the dirt road and look for 'em. (There are also a ridiculous amount of scorpions lingering around at time, in the house and outside). 
There's a couple of small ponds and a creek that (sort of) fill up when it rains so there are toads and frogs all over when it rains. Kinda fun. I'm obsessed with the great plains narrow-mouthed toad (first photo). I hadn't seen one before and I can't get over it. He's got a miniature shark smile. Come on! Come on!  The second photo is the gulf coast toad, they're the biggest ones and I have to move them out of the road pretty often.  All the others are tiny. The last one (some sort of cricket frog) is the size of my thumb nail, if that. Not sure who the third guy is?


JK said...

#rd guy definitely looks like a Ranid. Not an expert on Texas herps and an exact locale might help things, but my first thought was a young American Bullfrog. Although maybe a green or pig frog too.

The narrow mouth is awesome.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Hey JK, my initial thought was young bullfrog as well. My guidebook is in another state right now :) They're all taken in the College Station area. And yeah, I'm totally in love with the narrow-mouthed, thanks!

Seagull Steve said...

Mmmmmmm unfamiliar herps.