Thursday, November 21, 2013

Door's wide open, guys. Make yourselves at home, please.

If you've been paying attention, this is old news.  But I'm gonna say it again: There's a lot of animals that live in our house. In addition to two cats and two peoples, there is an army of geckos and fruitflies, scorpions and spiders, beetles and rolly pollies, mice (though they've been humanely relocated) and now, anoles. I said anoles, not assholes, in case you misread that.  Oh, and at least one 4 inch centipede lurking in an undisclosed location.  (This is really the only one I'm not cool with).
So it's obvious that our house is well made, right? We may as well just leave the doors wide open and install some dog doors so the skunk and raccoon can come hang out with us too. Maybe THEY'LL play boggle with me since no one else will (ahem). I had the window open a few days ago and the crazy house wren came really close to flying inside. Geez guys! :) FYI: I like having the geckos and anoles around, and I don't really mind the scorpions either.  Top to bottom: mediterranean gecko (they're invasive), green anole, bark scorpion and it's shed.

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Mary Howell Cromer said...

Those first 2 images stole my heart and the other two well, they are really neat..yes, they are ;) Happy weekend Jill!