Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All you get is flowers

Please don't hate me, but it's definitely spring in central Texas. The bluebonnets and paintbrushes came out in the yard/horse pastures about a week ago. In celebration, we drank some local whiskey. It's some tasty stuff and it comes from the distillery (Rio Brazos Distillery) down the road from us, next to the local brewery (New Republic), both are in garage-type buildings, hidden away from stuff, out in the country. (they're legit though, don't worry). I may have lied, I'm not sure if we drank the whiskey in flower celebration, I uh, think it was just because. .. 
(The horses weren't really sure what I was doing lying in the grass and they all decided to come over and hang out with me, sometimes trying to taste my hair or camera strap. Side-note, I jumprope in the horse pasture because the driveway is dirt/gravel and it hurts like hell. While jumproping, they tend to sneak up on me and just watch me, moving closer a few feet at a time. It's kinda goofy... That spider was enjoying it's bee-brunch. )
So yeah, the wildflowers! That's something I will miss about Texas. Something I won't miss is fences, fences, everywhere. Fences! Not feces, in case you misread that. The birds are nesting already. That red-shouldered hawk pair that I got photos of copulating? They're on eggs (possibly nestlings?) nearby. Also, they're still copulating, all the time. There's 2 barred owl pairs that have nests nearby and a white-eyed vireo pair was busy collecting nesting material the other day. The red-bellied woodpeckers have a cavity also. There's a carolina wren pair who keep gathering material and checking out some gourds on the porch. They've roosted in there and brought material, but I guess they're not into it. I dunno where they've decided to build. 
Migration has brought in some new yard birds (we're up to 83 or 84 total now), and the harris's sparrows are still soaking up the Texas sun. In other news, Im going a little crazy with packing. It's never been my strong point even though I kinda do it all the time. Wish me luck with that....All that bird talk and no bird photos - geez, guys! You only get flowers today. Today's Flowers


Janie said...

The wildflower pics are gorgeous, and I love the shadow shot of the horses that are so curious.

Laloofah said...

Oh we could NEVER hate you! (Even if it IS snowing again here in Wyoming!) The wildflowers are beautiful, and bring back memories of springs in Abilene. I did always love the Bluebonnets! (The lupine that bloom here instead won't be showing up till late May). Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of Spring with those of us who are still in for a bit of a wait! (And good luck with the packing, an odious chore to be sure!)

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Awesome photos! Really love these.

Seagull Steve said...

Mmmmmm....spring....I plan on being seen by many warblers this weekend.

Mary Cromer said...

Oh Wow Brilliance of flowers~