Saturday, April 12, 2014

Here, there, and everywhere

I've been in Tennessee the last couple weeks. I'm in Arkansas right now. I'll be in Texas later. Driving to New Mexico in a few days. Then to Colorado. After that Utah, then Nevada. Then I'll be all over Utah, Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho, etc. A friend tells me I need a microchip. She may be right. (Side note:  I'm using an ancient computer right now and blogger is having issues- the font/size looks really off. I can't change it. Sorry) (Above: Home, female cardinal with nesting material; Below: Happy turtle, crab apple blooms)
Things have been a little frazzled lately. My life has consisted of packing and then packing (and maybe crying) some more. Packing up in Texas, packing up in Tennessee. As nomadic as I tend to be, I'm sort of dying inside having to say goodbye to my Tennessee home where I grew up. I'm not sure if driving and crying for ten hours straight is very healthy or safe. But it is what it is. I said farewell yesterday morning.Can't really handle it. Apologies to friends who have heard me whine about  all this for months now. I'm well aware I'm an emotional nutcase. (Below: Ancient snapping turtle. Love these guys)
I'll miss the humble abode in Texas too. I managed to get a little attached to that run down little place. The field season is finally starting in about a week. I'm used to an early March start, so I've been anxiously waiting. I'll be running after birds all over those above mentioned states. Really can't wait for it to start! Will be living in a tent the whole season which works for me. It's time to get back to my dirtball nomad days. My only concern is that I may freeze to death.  I will no longer be spoiled with Texas weather. It's going to be a great season, I can feel it.Probably won't be online much, but if I am, I'll try to give some updates. Happy spring! (Below: Mourning Dove fluffing it out)


biobabbler said...

aw... I'm sorry all that moving about (esp. away) hurts. Glad you'll soon be traipsing after feathered fauna. If it's any consolation, your photographs are WONderful. =) Love that GIANT turtle (snapping)--he looks huge and badass. I'll always pro-badassery in wildlife. xoxo

Janie said...

A microchip might be the only way to keep track of you! Hope you have good luck tracking the birds. It's been a warm spring here in Utah, so maybe it won't be too cold in your little tent.

Pam said...

Great shots with the blossoming trees in the background, bundle up in your tent!