Friday, August 1, 2014

Ramblin' (Wo)man

Got some time to kill in a coffee shop in Elko becacuse...well, let's be frank, guys. I've got nowhere to go, okay? Let's just say it like it is. Last day of work was yesterday and well, now I wander/squat. Squat and wander. And mm, probably wonder, also. Car-less and homeless. Yeehaw! (Above: mountain bluebird nestlings near Blue Mountain, CA and a rubber boa near Steen's Mountain, OR- one of only 2?? snakes I saw all season. Weird. Below: Pretty gnarly- watched a crazy lightening bolt start this wildfire, less than a freaking mile where I was. What? It spread pretty quickly, but BLM was on top of it within 30 minutes (we called it in, somehow had service) with ground and air crews. Note that this is the second wildfire I've seen start because of lightening; Johnny Nutcase on top of one of the point count mountains, somewhere in Utah)
The field season gets two thumbs up! Lots of beautiful sites all over Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, one in California. Lots of pronghorn, elk, mule deer, coyotes (I watched one chase a jack rabbit - they ran right past me and didn't even realize I was there), lots and lots of nests (and I wasn't even nest searching for work). Snow, freezing weather, wildfires, sun poisoning, yellow jackets in the tent, waking up at 1 a.m surrounded by 600 sheep..You get the point. Lots of weird happenings in the last few months.  The pop-up tent got a little old after a while though. It stopped being waterproof (and dust proof) so there was a lot of wet sleeping bag nights. The door zipper also stopped working, so I was always expecting to come back to the tent and find a baby cow or a colony of rodents hanging out on one of the beds or something. Oddly, that never happened. Tons of golden eagles, prairie falcons, and other raptors! So here's some crappy photos of field stuffs. And here's the link again in case anyone missed what happened to my car recently:  Sad face. 

(Above: benefits of waking up before sunrise; lots of snow during May at the high elevation sites; me with the dreaded ATV. Luckily, only needed this thing for one field site. I think I got up to a whopping 9 miles an hour. Hey! Don't laugh- driving at 3:30 am over crazy two tracks totally freaks me out!; a huge pack rat midden! These were all over the place at the California field site. Pretty cool!) * Sorry again to all my blog friends who I have neglected the last few months. Not really sure when I'll have real-people internet again, but when I do, I sure have a lot of catching up to do!*


Steve Borichevsky said...

Elko. Now we finally have some place in common! There is a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant on the main drag that we enjoyed. Actually the best part was that the sage was just emitting oils like crazy. We arrived just after a rain. It was really great.

Janie said...

You look good in your motorcycle riding gear.
Interesting to see lightning start a fire. Twice!