Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Joy of Indoor Plumbing

I've been all over the place lately (not really shocking, I know) but I'm all boring and sedentary at the moment, so I should have some ample blog time, I think. I'm currently hunkered down in Wisconsin, what?  Was in 13 states in 12 days. Got the end of the field season blues. Know what I mean? Some of you know what I mean. I'm slowly (and sometimes reluctantly) being reintroduced back into civilization. This is no easy task, fyi. I'm told I can be a real awkward organism.  I've got a pretty hefty backlog of photos and such from the past few months,  so I'll try to get on top of that stuff, in between job and car searching. 
It's nice to be pooping in an actual toilet again. Indoor plumbing is pretty cool. It's also sort of nice to sleep in a bed for a change, I can't lie. Clean dishes and drinking out of vessels that aren't bacteria or mold ridden? Also a plus. And I'm sooo happy to have my catboys again, holy sh!t they're cute! But! I'm missing those big skies and those wide open spaces reeeaalll bad. Real bad!  *These photos are all from Central and Northern Nevada*  Our World


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful! And I thought we were having an adventurous summer. Hope you have time to relax and enjoy all the amenities of a boring sedentary life before your job search takes you to more wild and wonderful places. (But not too much time ;>)

ladyfi said...

Wonderful shots.

Molly said...

Ahh yes, the joy of an actual bathroom. How we take those things for granted. I love the shot of the deadwood