Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here, there, and everywhere.

Whoa. Hey there, strangers. Two months was the last time I updated this - unacceptable! But not my fault, I promise! I haven't been on an actual computer until a few days ago and things have been a little chaotic. I spent most of December in New Mexico with family (yay!) and then all the sudden moved to Northern Idaho. Whaatat?  This involved an absolutely brutal drive from Albuquerque --- Las Cruces (nothing traumatic on that leg of the trip) --- El Paso,TX (70 mph winds. Rock in the windshield. Scrap metal flying out of a pickup truck into the semi in front of me that almost swerved into my car) --- Fort Stockton, TX (took an extra 5 hours because of an ice storm and tons of terrible accidents. Watched way too many cars and trucks go off the road. Terrifying) --- College Station, TX (more icy roads and miles and miles of standstill traffic, 4 extra hours. Lots of fishtailing. Crazy rain/sleet and my wipers stopped working. Not cool). (Above: Sandhill crane and American Kestrel at Bosque Del Apache NWR; Below: One-eyed ice machine monster. A month later and I still can't stop laughing about this thing)
I met Ant (who drove down from WI with my catboys) at our storage unit and we loaded all of our long lost material possessions in the pouring rain on New Year's Day and then started the crazy drive to Northern Idaho.  This ended up taking 3 extra days because of the gnarly weather. (Remind me not to drive cross-country in the winter. ever. again). (Below: Don't worry. We don't have that much stuff, but Uhaul was out of the truck size we needed. Also- Go Ant for getting this beast safely to Idaho. Sketchy McSketchster driving conditions were NOT U-haul friendly. Glad I was driving a Tacoma.)
College Station, TX --- Texas Panhandle tiny town (unplowed roads with 3+inches of snow. We got thwarted.) --- somewhere in central CO (Had plans of making it to Boulder but got stuck in a pretty hefty snowstorm on mountain roads) --- Boulder (only a little black ice on that drive) --- Laramie, WY (pathetic! only got 2 hours in because the interstate totally shut down because of 80 mph wind!! Cats were happy though to get out of the truck for a day) --- Northern Utah (first half was a semi/trailer graveyard. Rather upsetting. Up to 30 trailers and semis overturned from the insane wind.  Completely disturbing.) --- rest of the drive was less nail-biting, except for a few hours of ridiculous zero visibility fog. (Below: Sandhills at Bosque Del Apache NWR)
So there's that boring account of the drive. I'm sure that was thrilling for all of you. Made it Idaho safely though, which I am really grateful for because honestly, that drive was completely terrifying and I'm pretty sure I've got arthritis now from gripping the steering wheel so hard for 9 days straight. (Below: Kimmo's part of the family now. Bosque Del Apache NWR covered in snow geese)
Ah hah! I am no longer wheel-less by the way. And with that comes another MONSTER THANK YOU to all of you wonderfuls who helped me out on my gofundme site!! His name is Kimmo (I'm sticking with Nashville Predators players from the early 2000's. It's a thing). Kimmo is no Vladimir but I still love him.  So there you have it. My excuse for not blogging it up lately. I am pretty stable at the moment but may be in and out of the field (I freaking hope) for really small spurts.


KaHolly said...

Glad you made it safely! What a journey you had. Love your new car. Congratulations!

The Furry Gnome said...

Yah, that does sound like a really boring 9 day drive!

TravelBug Susan said...

That's quite an account of your winter driving nightmare. Now you know why some of us prefer to stay south for winter. Have to go north? Fly! (As long as it's not the Northeast or North Central portion of the country!)

So happy to hear you found a car. Even happier you made it through all the nasty ice, snow and wind.

Laloofah said...

Glad to see your return to the blogosphere, even gladder when I read your harrowing account of your winter drive to northern Idaho! Not at all surprised about snow in Boulder or wind in Laramie, but 3" of snow in College Station?? WTF?

The birds are beautiful, the ice machine - rather alarming! :-)

Kimmo is a beauty, hope you'll have many grand (and safe!) adventures together in your gorgeous new surroundings!

Laloofah said...

P.S. I was telling BW on our walk with the girls a little bit ago about your move to northern ID (he was an Aggie, so he was taken aback by the news of 3" of snow in College Station!) And it occurred to me that although I have no clue where in n. Idaho you are, it's such a skinny piece of real estate I imagine you well may find yourself in Spokane from time to time. And that if/when you do, you absolutely must pop into the all vegan and very cool Boots Bakery! It's been about a year and a half since we ate dinner there on our way to the Seattle area, but oh man was their food memorably delicious!!

Mary Cromer said...

Good Grief Jill, you are one blessed lady to have survived all of that mess. I have told the husby, who is just wanting so bad to see snow out West just once and see what it is like compared to KY snow, which by the way, we were declared in a state of emergency, and he wants to go out West...oh he for sure will see your post. It looks like a lovely new area for you to explore, take care, and stop by. I shared a Sandhill Crane post 2 weeks ago, you may enjoy~

Pam said...

Glad you got some wheels again, drive safe!