Friday, May 8, 2015

Sage-grouse Strut

Finally had a chance to see a greater-sage grouse lek (and a sharp-tailed lek, too!) last week. It's nearing the end of lekking season, but there were still about 45 males (and a few females showed up) strutting their stuff. The first day I went out there were 40 mph winds and I couldn't even hear them (which is part of the experience!) so I decided to try again the next morning. I got there super early before most of the males arrived, and was lucky enough to have one guy close enough for some decent photos.  Pretty cool stuff! Here's a long series of his love dance :)


Josh Wallestad said...

Awesome! Lovely photos! I, too, just watched strutting Sage-Grouse for the first time in central Montana a few weeks ago. I'll have my photos up on my blog soon. It's an amazing experience isn't it? You are absolutely right about the sound being part of the experience. I was bummed that I couldn't pick it up the audio when I took some video.

Mary Cromer said...

On my list to get to experience one day. Great shots Jill. If you have a chance, I have done a couple of posts on Great Horned Owlets in past month. You may enjoy those babies. Have a great week, Hope things are going well for you~

Jodi said...

Wow! How very cool to see. Hope I get the chance someday. Until then, though, I'll have to be satisfied with your shots.