Sunday, May 24, 2015

So plague-y, but so cute.

Lookit this little yellow-bellied marmot friend. Lookit! So what if he might carry the plague, he's freaking adorable. I've seen a few around here, but this is the smallest one I've ever seen (also, the least mangy).
Update kinda: I'm down in SE ID at the moment following sage-grouse and trying to learn all the vegetation out here for a couple months. YES! Getting out of the office has restored my sanity greatly, even though I am living with mice. So I'm either going to get the plague from this marmot, or hantavirus from the mice. Let's go with neither, yeah?


Mary Cromer said...

They are cute and remind me of the Groundhogs down the lane~

veredit - isabella kramer said...

Oh, you caught these little cute guys so very beautiful!! !

Pam said...

Who said adventure was risk free? Enjoy!