Monday, August 15, 2016


 How embarrassing. I am still here, sort of. Been out at a really remote field site the last couple months and am venturing (somewhat unwillingly and very awkwardly) back into society at the moment. I had my first real shower in two months just yesterday- HA! I'm a huge dirtball and I just don't care. Don't worry, I'm not totally gross. I had a real nice river that I'd "bathe" in. 
But I've only got a minute, so here's some more biiirrrds. It's all hot summer hot summer now so it's creepy and quiet out in the sagebrush. A quick trip to high elevation made me really happy and overstimulated (still spring there ya know). Anyway. Brewer's Sparrow feeding some babers, a sage sparrow (my favorite!), and an out of control loggerhead shrike fledgling. Okay, offline again I go, 

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