Monday, November 21, 2016

If you love me, why am I dying?

Hey there, people-friends. I've been on the road, on the go, since early September. Before that,  since February, I was out in the boonies running after sage-grouse. So that's my excuse for the lack of posts. I've been wandering around Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, eastern California, Idaho, and now I'm hunkered down in New Mexico for a minute.  (Above: rutting bison in Wyoming; mama moose with 2 young at Red Rock Lakes NWR, Montana)
I love being nomadic and don't mind a tiny 20 foot Rpod, but it's sort of nice to bathe regularly and have a little more space for a minute (Hayduke, my cat, is happy to have some running-around-space also). I really don't love cooking in trailers, so I'm taking advantage of some serious kitchen time! It's getting a little out of control...(above: found a 150+ elk herd in Cloud Peak Wilderness, Wyoming. Lots of mating and bugling -  Pretty cool experience.  Below: coyote in Wyoming; Pronghorn in Montana)
I've seen some pretty great stuff lately, and got to spend some more quality time with my beloved bristlecones, which is something I require for my sanity level.  I've gotten hundreds of miles of hiking in and worn out a pair of shoes I've only had for 2 months.  Good stuff, indeed! (Below: young mule deer in Wyoming)
However,  I'm having a bit of a rough time with the recent happenings in the US and am absolutely horrified and pretty depressed, because everything I love and care about is now threatened. If Drump has his way, wildlife and environmental regulations will be crushed, public lands are in danger of being seized. (Don't get me started on women's rights and healthcare). It's been very hard to handle and I've gone through a lot of kleenex.  Also, I finally did the Instagram thing, so if you're feeling that, here you go:  (Below: bison pair in Montana)
Also, the blog title is a Boxing Gandhis song with that name. It's got great lyrics in reference to how we treat the earth. I've been listening to this song since the mid 90's. You should give it a go!

Monday, August 15, 2016


 How embarrassing. I am still here, sort of. Been out at a really remote field site the last couple months and am venturing (somewhat unwillingly and very awkwardly) back into society at the moment. I had my first real shower in two months just yesterday- HA! I'm a huge dirtball and I just don't care. Don't worry, I'm not totally gross. I had a real nice river that I'd "bathe" in. 
But I've only got a minute, so here's some more biiirrrds. It's all hot summer hot summer now so it's creepy and quiet out in the sagebrush. A quick trip to high elevation made me really happy and overstimulated (still spring there ya know). Anyway. Brewer's Sparrow feeding some babers, a sage sparrow (my favorite!), and an out of control loggerhead shrike fledgling. Okay, offline again I go, 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Get them out of my head!

Hey hey hey! I've got some birds for you. The Bullock's Orioles and Western Kingbirds are currently serving as my alarm clock.  There are quite a few pairs around the trailer and they're all building nests right now. I'm fairly certain they somehow manage to open my window and get in the trailer and then somehow burrow into my head-brain because it's all sorts of loud in there. There is a shrike nest somewhere nearby but I haven't found it yet. I feel like spring just started because I've found a ton of songbird nests this week and everyone is going all building-crazy. Yeehaw! (bullock's oriole, western kingbird, yellow warbler, and loggerhead shrike)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The shake of big hands

The skies here are OUT OF CONTROL. It's hard to concentrate when crazy stuff like this is going on above you on a daily basis, you guys.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spazzy Sage-grouse

I've got not time for words, no time! But here's a series of photos (not the sharpest ever) of a little sage-grouse disagreement. More soon, really!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Daily Dose of PIKA

Ohhh. I guess I may have scared some people off with my last few rants about Malheur and grazing, huh? Guess that's what happens when you give a damn. "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul" my friends. Passion, it's healthy. Truth and justice, I like it. (Above: the tiniest pika I've seen yet. So itty bitty!! Below: caching some tasty treats)
But anyway, it's been way too long without a pika post. So go I give to you some of the cutest little nuggets out there. Good lord these guys don't even know.  I'm gonna start crying just thinking about them. SO CUTE. "See pikas in the wild" - put that on your bucket list, seriously. They'll turn your frown upside down.  (Below: Jabba the Pika)
As adorable as they are though, they're struggling. So really, you should go see them before even worse things happen :(  They're already gone from a third of their known habitat thanks to climate change. They are one of the most susceptible species to a warming temperature and  do not tolerate heat (over 78 degrees and they can die of exposure. Horrible). It's really devastating that they are not doing well. We really need to get our act together because we are destroying every.single.thing that matters and it's unacceptable. We are a pretty disgusting species.